taste in fashion

January 18, 2010 at 6:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Talking about fashion, there are two types of people according to their fashion attitude : people who are drawn to it and people who dont care even the slightest idea about it. There are a lot of style in the way people dress, as many as genres in music. Hence, I am bringing up five different style here. (the photos are taken from three big cities: New York, London and Paris)

1. Casual. I think everyone is quite aware of this style.  This style is the most down-to-earth among the other four. It is simple and timeless.

2. Sophisticated. This style is about elegance, high-fashion and urbanization. There are lots of playing in layers, patterns and fabric. People who live in big cities like Paris, Milan, New York, Shanghai dress up sophisticatedly.

3. Edgy. Edgy is the new trend, the new black. It’s hip and super wow-ing. It’s not at all feminine or ladylike but it is classy.

4. Rock. Rock is sometimes wronged as Goth.

5. Vintage. London is the central world of “vintage”. The other cities that have vintage-street-walkers are Liverpool, Copenhagen, Melbourne, etc.

Now, what style interests you the most? and why?



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