my last four-new-year celebrations by yolanda

January 12, 2010 at 6:10 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

New Year is really nothing; I mean nothing does tragically happen or differently change. But somehow, we all still remember what happened on the NewYear eves, at least for the last 5 years.

My recent new year celebration was the most uninteresting event compared to the other 3. my 6 friends, my boyfriend and I gathered at my friend’s house to have some barbecue. It felt just like another day where we spend a night together (which have been hundred times). But a game called charades changed everything. We laughed until our jaws dropped. Later on we played our traditional game, i.e poker. The clock pointed the “4” sign when we stopped playing. But we continued chatting despite our extreme exhaustion. At last we said our first goodbyes on 2010 at 5.

Then, the two last new year (2008 to 2009), was the night i spent on my favourite hotel in Jakarta, Sheraton Bandara. That hotel is just homey and fresh. I did the countdown with all the other guests on a gala dinner with live band and fireworks.

I was in Singapore to celebrate 2007 to 2008 new year with my friends.

On the 2007’s new year eve, I was in Melbourne which is called “Victoria” by the local people.



  1. ria rahmayanti said,

    yo, i like the last one when you’re in Melbourne. In your photo, i can see the different between Melbourne in Indonesia. Is it true? hehhe i never go to abroad before.
    how people in there celebrating new year eve?

  2. ritzy2012 said,

    well, people do basically the same thing to celebrate new year all over the world, that is partying. In Melb, they do countdown on a bridge over a river which overlooks the skyscraper buildings which takes place in the ‘city’. and the government will give a firework show for around 10 or 20 minutes (i dont quite remember). later on they will go to a club or a bar just across the bridge. that’s what i know. 🙂

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