Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen is a bad movie

November 8, 2009 at 2:40 am (Entertainment)

I think this is not a good movie because its storyline is not as good as the one of the first movie,transformers,although it shows more actions and robots.There are several reasons why i don’t really like this movie,such as:

1.Bad physical appearance of several robots(skids,mudflap,the fallen,rampage,devastator,jetfire,the demolishor)

2.Long duration

3.Bad humors

4.Several robots disappear without explanation




  1. dewi said,

    I think Transformer better for children movie…because it’s include imagination too much..

  2. Melysah said,

    May i know whose paragraph is this? I’m sorry but i disagree with your opinion. In my opinion, this movie is good enough. I got the humor inside and the robots appearance is cool! This movie is not only for a kid, but adult people may watch it too. This movie just wants to entertain us. Who knows that the next 10 years our world will full of robots just like the movie? Who knows. ^^

  3. Anti Item said,

    i’m not watching this movie yet, but i think this movie is very cool. everbody said like that dewi.

    fitria. r.

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