My sister’s terrifying experience

November 8, 2009 at 1:30 am (Uncategorized)

This happened in 2008.When i and my family returned from pekayon,my father pulled over his car to eat fried rice nearby Kemang Pratama.After waiting for several minutes,we started to eat.While we were eating,my sister wanted to sit next to me.She looked so pale and i asked him why she moved,but she didn’t answer my question.When we arrived at home,she cried and at last told us all that she saw a female ghost when we were eating.My father didn’t believe it at first,but i did because i realized what she would have cried for if she hadn’t seen anything.I’m sure it will be unforgotten experience for her…



  1. Feolita 1200991006 said,

    Huh… i cant imagine if i were her.. i cant sleep for a long night..

  2. dewi said,

    Oh,God….that’s so scare….Is your sister has a sixsense??
    I think your sister would never forget that experience…

    Just share my experience about ghost..
    In my house there some ghost at least two,…but luckly my friend who has sixsense said if the ghosts not bad although i ever disturbed by it,but I think if we show that we ‘re not afraid and just show our attitude as usual they never want to disturb us

  3. Melysah said,

    Wow.. What a scary experience? May i know whose story is this? I have a suggestion for your sister. It’s better for her to pray much. Then, if she sees something like that again, just try to ignore it. ^^

    • Anti Item said,

      yes melysah, i’ve heard that if we see a ghost, that will bring the bad luck to us. so we must pray to delete the bad luck.

  4. ritzy2012 said,

    btw,who write this experience??

  5. ria rahmayanti said,

    wow.. what a scary experience.
    i agree with dewi that a ghost actually is not always bad. some of them just wanna stay in our world even though they’re different with us. they will disturb us if we do that to them.

    yeah, anyway, who write this experience?

    Fitria R 1201002280

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