new year in korea

November 5, 2009 at 2:22 pm (Uncategorized)

2 years ago,me and my family went to korea for celebrating new year.we stayed there for 2 there we stayed at my dad’s friend’s korea we went to so many places,such as the old palace,we also went to a place like dufan but its bigger and more interested,but i forget the name of it place.then,on the new year night we went to the downtown.there was a huge ice skate area,but the line is so long ,so we didn’t was a really cold night.we was tried to stayed there until midnight,but we can’t stand the we decided to we home and spent our new year night in the appartement.


by:bunga cempaka ratu



  1. Feolita 1200991006 said,

    it’ was a funny story actually. i fake a smile when i’ve finished it. well, it seems too hard to adapt ourself in four seasons country…don’t you think the same?hehhehehe

  2. dewi said,

    Oh,…that’s so nice!! I want spend my holiday in Korea too…
    but,how abaout the meal or food?Is that deliciuous??….

  3. Melysah said,

    What a nice new year? How much did you spend for 2 weeks over there girl? How many people exactly went to Korea? Did you try their traditional foods? I wish i could go there one day.

  4. ria rahmayanti said,

    dewi, we have a same dream. Korea is my favorite place too, besides Dutch and Mexico.
    About the food in there, as i’ve heard in korean drama, really different with our food. they have kimbab, kimchi, and many others. and i think really delicious.
    let’s we asking bunga to know the true answer? so, bunga, is that delicious? very cold in there?

    Fitria R 1201002280

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