My Holiday in Central Java

November 5, 2009 at 7:27 am (Uncategorized)

My holiday in Central Java was interesting.I went to Malioboro,Keraton,Sekar Arum boutique,Mirota Dept.Store,Alun-alun Yogya, and Solo.It was a great holiday.I started  to walked around Malioboro from morning until night.I ate Gudeg in the night at Malioboro street.I bought a lot of T-shirt and dress in Sekar Arum boutique and Rumah Butik in Solo.Then,I bought a lot of unique stuffs in Mirota Dept.Store.Central Java,especially Yogya and Solo has a lot of unique things.One of unique thing that made me interested was the homestuffs from the woodcut. They had kind of woodcut.One place that I visited to searched the homestuffs from the woodcut was in Cahaya Ukir,Bantul.Their woodcut was good quality and the price cheap enough.I think if someday I go to Central Java to have vacation I have to buy many handcrafts because in Central Java there are many cheap and unique handcrafts.


by: Dewi Cholipah



  1. Feolita 1200991006 said,

    I love central java too… everything is cheap… but the taste of their foods are too’ i dont like it too much. ayway overall it is a good place to visit and take some photos…hehehe

  2. dewi said,

    I want spend my next holiday in Central Java especially Yogya again….because i really miss it!! I want to go there with my friends not my family…

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